The Independent Accountability Committee

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) works to promote high standards among its constituent organisations and their own members. These standards were agreed as the Istanbul principles ( ).

Principle 5 states: “CSOs are effective as development actors when they demonstrate a sustained organizational commitment to transparency, multiple accountability, and integrity in their internal operations.”

CPDE has determined that, in order to satisfy itself, its members, its donors and other stakeholders that it works in a manner consistent with the Istanbul Principles, and in particular Principle 5, it will maintain an Independent Accountability Committee (IAC).

The IAC serves as a strategic Board of Reference to the governance structures of CPDE: to the Global Council (GC), the Coordinating Committee (CC) and to the Co-chairs; as well as the Global Secretariat. The IAC provides help and assistance to the governance structures to ensure that CPDE meets and maintains high standards of transparency, accountability and integrity.

Read more about the Independent Accountability Committee here.

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