Following Internet Shutdown that lasted for more than 240 days in Cameroon, and especially in the Anglophones regions, AfroLeadership received a financial support from Internews to carry out, a research study aiming at assessing “The socio-economic impacts of Internet Shutdown in the two Anglophone regions in Cameroon.”. This research study was part of Internews’ Internet Rights for Emerging Voices (iREV).


Eric Ngang Mboumien, a seasoned researcher, committed to carry out the research work in both Anglophone regions. He was chosen for his great knowledge of those regions, and for his perfect understanding of Cameroon francophone and anglophone context, especially as he speaks French and English. Eric was also considered for his civil society experience as the chair of one of the biggest anglophone networks of civil society organisations. Moreover, his mastery of Internet Economy was another perfect fit for this research study realized in 2018.

The following report is the result of this wonderful work, that gave to many stakeholders to understand the absolute havoc and harms that Internet Shutdowns and Throttling lead to in already fragile countries, given the informality of the economy, weak education sector, insufficient health infrastructures, limited democracy, etc. This research study fueled AfroLeadership commitment to strongly advocate against Internet Shutdowns, but more positively for Meaningful Internet Access, in Cameroon where AfroLeadership is heaquartered, but also all over Africa.

Read HERE : Report on Impacts of Internet Shutdown in Cameroon 2018