The amount was made public by the SDO, Koulbout Aman David.

The 2015 budget for Meme Division in the South West Region stands at FCFA1.2 billion. This was revealed by the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Kuolbout Aman David, during the launch of the 2015 state budget on Wednesday, January 21, 2015, at the Kumba City Council Hall.

According to him, FCFA 705.4 million has been earmarked for investments, while FCFA 555.7 million is for recurrent expenditure.

This does not include projects to be managed at the level of Yaounde. “If these allocations are effectively and efficiently managed, then our population will not complain of those basic needs such as infrastructure, health, water and educational facilities that were not fulfilled in 2014,” Kuolbout Aman David, explained.  The SDO warned that there shall be zero tolerance for aides or contractors who compromise the execution of the budget. “I shall personally ensure proper and efficient execution of projects earmarked in the 2015 budget in Meme Division,” he stressed.

Kuolbout Aman David stated that the launch of the 2015 budget marks the end of the first phase of the performance-based budget that started two years ago. It is therefore an occasion for stakeholders to evaluate the past year, note the shortcomings and strive for corrections, he explained. The SDO reiterated that public contract bidders will have to show proof of probity and credibility as the notion of lowest bidder insinuates amateurism, a source of poor quality realization.

He cautioned finance services to respect the 72-hour deadline for the treatment of files, asking every service to designate s a liaison officer to handle information relating to financial engagements. He also warned that all service heads must obligatorily keep attendance registers for their personnel.

 Source: crtv



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