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Our Executive Team

Our team has experience in sectors as diverse as public finance, decentralization, territorial and local governance, information technology, open data, budget transparency, digital & data right. But we all share a passion for working on a prosperous world, healthy ecosystems and safe communities.


Based in Cameroon, Charlie is an activist for democracy, human rights, digital rights, and Open Data in Africa with AfroLeadership, a CSO he founded in 2007. He works as Public Finance Expert for the Association Internationale des Maires Francophones (AIMF). Learn More >>

Joseph Anicet NKE

Program Coordinator

NKE Joseph Anicet is Econometer (Holder of a DEA in Economics, Mathematics and Econometrics), Specialist in open data analysis (Open Data), Expert in Decentralization and in Territorial Governance and in Local Development. Learn More>>



Financial Officer


Policy Director, Gender in Science Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics

Programmer analyst, Marcelle SIEWE NGOUNOU has good knowledge of IT project management, digital transformation and change management.  Learn More>>

Dr. Jean Louis FENDJI

Research Director, Innovative Technologies

Jean Louis FENDJI has worked in ICT4D, designing cost-effective wireless networks for rural areas, when he realised the importance of relevant services for rural communities and the potential of AI to solve local challenges.  Learn More>>

Reine Flore TAMO

Policy Director, Tax Equity and Debt Justice

CEMAC and ONCFC Approved Fiscal Council, with the advantage of more than ten years of tax practice in renowned firms, wanted to put all its expertise and rich experience at the service of the development of African companies.  Learn More>>

Thierry MINKA

Research Director, Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Assistant Professor and Cybersecurity Expert, Learn More>>

Dr FENDJI Marie Danielle

Research Director, Energy and Climate Data

Dr FENDJI Marie Danielle epse Fongang has Ph.D a in electronics, a Master degree and bachelor degree in EEA (Electronic Electrical and Automatic) from the University of Ngaoundéré. She is interested and passionate for electronic and renewable energy. Learn More>>


Policy Director, Data Science and Open Data

Hard working, dynamic with strong organizational skills acquired with five years of experience in the non-governmental sector. Two years of Budget analysis, on the Job project management skills and data driven decision making at ASA… Learn More>>

Aysha Hosni Karafi

Africa Policy Director, Fiscal & Tax Governance.

Technical Adviser for Francophone Countries Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency at GIFT and short-term consultant within the framework of the decentralization support project financed by GIZ for the benefit of the Tunisian government. Learn More>>

Richard Sinibagiwe

Africa Policy Director, Privacy and Data Protection

Richard is a seasoned Certified Data Protection Officer, specializing in the protection of personal data. He provides practical advice, translates legislations into clear guides serving as support for staff at all levels, to identify and understand their obligations and responsibilities in accordance… Learn More>>

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