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Cameroon Open Education Projet – Year Zero Phase

AfroLeadership has been pre-selectioned by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) with its project Cameroon Open Education Project (COEP) in the Education Out Loud call for projects launched in the first semester of 2020. COEP aims at promoting transparency and accountability in the education sector through the building of an open data platform collecting finance education data, building analytic capacity for all stakeholders, and advocacy campaign.

AfroLeadership has proposed a project with an amount of 600 000 USD that will be confirmed if COEP is counted in the final selection in 2021. The contract for COEP Year Zero of the project has been signed with OXFAM Ibis, and will allow AfroLeadership to implement activities leading to a complete proposal that will be submitted to the selection committee in March 2021. Owing to its preselection, AfroLeadership has already been awarded about 5 % (30 000 USD) of its overall original budget, for the implementation of Year Zero Project. Know more

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