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Eric Ndeh Mboumien NGANG

Director, Climate Finance – Participatory Budgeting

Eric Ngang is a specialist in environmental, social and governance issues. He has demonstrated skills and experience in writing and managing projects. He is passionate about community outreach that engages communities in defining the development they want and facilitating the processes that enable them to achieve it, and specifically about studying how climate change law, policy, and decision making enable or constrain community integration (LIKPT) for climate justice. He regularly contributes to policy discourse and action on climate change issues. For example, as an expert reviewer, he has regularly contributed to IPCC assessment reports highlighting the important but neglected role of indigenous communities’ local knowledge and practices in shaping more responsive climate decisions. He has been recognized for his work on climate change, development, and project management, including as a 2020 finalist for the Africa Evidence Network (AEN) Africa Evidence Leadership Award (AELA), the 2020 Australia Awards Alumni Award, and as an alumnus of the U.S. Department of State’s prestigious International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP).

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