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Policy Director, Internet Governance

Houda CHIHI is a Ph.D. in Telecommunications, a senior researcher at Innov’COM laboratory of Sup’COM Tunisia, a Techwomen Fellow 2019, a senior engineer at Tunisie Telecom. Her research area includes wireless communication, signal processing, vehicular communication, green communication, mobile communication. She is a member of ISOC Tunisia Chapter, AUESG member, NCSG ICANN member and reviewer in many IEEE conferences. Passionate about new technologies, she has ambitions to work in the field of engineering.
Last September, she was selected as a TechWomen Emerging Leader, a program funded by the IIE of the USA. She had the opportunity to spend a professional mentorship at Qualcomm California where she learned about 5G, V2X, WIFI 6. She is encouraging women to join the STEM field, as they will always feel excited and curious about new technologies. It is also a great opportunity to build a network.

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