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07 January 2021, AfroLeadership attends Building Trustworthy AI Working Group.

In its panafrican dynamic to build awareness on AI, AI Ethics and Data Ethics, AfroLeadership attended the first 2021 session of Building Trustworthy AI Working Group. Charlie Martial Ngounou, AfroLeadership president and Arnauld Nzegha, AI Expert at AfroLeadership were involved in the session, and learnt great insights from very great speakers.

Mozilla aims at piloting a working group to help our technical community build trustworthy AI and strengthen connections with like-minded experts. This dynamic will help technical community build more trustworthy AI. Its three main goals are: (1) clear trustworthy AI guidelines, (2) more diverse stakeholders involved in building AI, and (3) develop new technologies as building blocks for developers.

Leading up to MozFest 2021, Mozilla is looking for 1-3 projects the group can work on collaboratively. Projects will be proposed by working group members, but could include ideas like running a trustworthy AI virtual hackathon, experimenting with industry checklists when building AI, or developing new data governance models. All projects will openly engage the broader MozFest community and be led by a working group member.

Joining this working group is a great way to make connections with like-minded experts interested in building trustworthy AI. Project leads will gain experience leading openly with the support and mentorship of the Mozilla network.

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