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AfroLeadership co-organised the 1st Mining Forum

On January 27 to 29, 2021, the 1st Mining Forum was held at the Mansa hotel in Bertoua, in the Eastern region of  Cameroon, on the theme “Environmental and social impact of mining in Cameroon“.

This mining forum was co-organized by an organizational consortium made up of AfroLeadership, Adin, Dmj, Cradec and TI-Cameroon, within the framework of the action “Strengthening Budgetary Governance for the provision of basic sustainable services while respecting the preservation of the environment ”, financed by the Delegation of the European Union, within the framework of Cameroon-European Union cooperation.

The forum was attended by about fifty participants, including representatives:

  • State institutions namely: Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Land Registry and Land Affairs, Ministry of the Economy, planning and Territorial Administration, Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection in Cameroon, Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development.
  • The Town Halls of the municipalities of Ngoura and Betare Oya
  • Traditional authorities ;
  • The Civil Society Organisation: AfroLeadership, Adin, Afermic, Adc,  Cradec, Dmj, Esa, Défenseur Sans Frontières, Sedde, Fusion Nature, Foder, Snjc, Transparency Internationale Cameroon, Pasie, Pcg Scoops/Batene,
  • The media in particular, Cameroon Radio Television News, Mutations, Love Tom & Marthe TV, Journal le jour;
  • Les Cvc de Ngoura et Betare-Oya et les riverains.

The general objective was to contribute to the promotion of a socially, environmentally and economically responsible mining sector with the ambition of achieving “the mine we want”. Specifically it was within the framework of this forum of:

  • Provide a space for dialogue, expression and exchange around the challenges of the mining sector in connection with the environment and the communities bordering the mining sites;
  • Identify the gaps and factors hampering the existence of a responsible mining sector in Cameroon; and
  • Allow participants to appropriate the principles of CSR in the mining sector with regard to the AMV and other related standards (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, United Nations Guiding Principles, Sustainable Development Goals, Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development, etc.);
  • Engage stakeholders and participants in the promotion of a responsible mining sector that effectively contributes to improving the living conditions of populations.

Nke Joseph Anicet For AfroLeadership provided coordination for a successful mission;

On the technical level: (i) Follow the process of preparation and conduct of the official opening ceremony of the workshop with the members of the Consortium; (ii) Prepare and develop presentations and moderate sequences according to the workshop program.

Expected results: (a) The official opening ceremony is a success; (b) The presentations of the communications prepared by the program are carried out and (c) the moderation of the sequences is ensured.

Outputs: A mission report containing the statements of the conclusions of the exchanges, recommendations, and resolutions of the various communications during the dedicated sequences, compiled from the reports of the members of the team, accompanied by the governor’s speech and the composition of his protocol suite; presentations of the communications of the various forum speakers.

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