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AfroLeadership took part to the Data Privacy Summit 2021

The Covid19 Pandemic has brought to the spotlight challenges and ethic tied to Data Privacy. Controlling pandemic progression, has generated many health applications with more or less success due to adoption by citizen. In some cases, no clear information on how Personal Data (in the case health data) collected will be manages, whether it can be removed by the individual or how long it will be stored. This highlight how disarmed individual are in this situation.

To mark this year celebration, AfroLeadership took part to the Data Privacy Summit 2021, which aims to raise awareness on contemporary privacy and data protection issues in Africa and the Middle East, as well as to inspire individuals, policymakers, organisations to take action and adopt best practices that protect privacy while promoting innovation in a manner that mitigates risks in the increasing use of digital technologies.

The session, ” Regional Deep Dive 3: COVID-19 Surveillance: Addressing Challenges (In French) ” moderated by us, highlighted that there was a push communication on citizen phone number to inform about the disease. In Cameroon, the app SOS-Covid help citizen identify if they have Covid19 symptoms and be directed in hospital. Discussion emphased that, if many African countries are still in progress of signing the AU Convention on Cyber Security  and Personal Data Protection some are already working on Personal Data Protection law.

While waiting for laws to be available, CSO must continue the groundwork of communication and sensibilization on personal data, Data privacy, Data Ethic with the ultimate aim to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data as well as Data self sovereignty for countries.                                                                                                                       

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