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Digital Politics Winter School is coming!

We are delighted to announce the Postgraduate Winter School in Digital Politics, taking place online on 14-18 February 2022

This Winter School makes a series of critical interventions into the field of digital citizenship, in both so-called democratic and so-called authoritarian states. The School will focus particularly on how the interactions between individuals or communities and the state, in areas such as public services, welfare, border control, and policing, are mediated by digital platforms, online communication, algorithms, and AI. Participants will explore the following questions: What are the injustices involved in being a subject of a digital state? What is the human cost of e-governance, digital border control, high-tech policing, or online surveillance? What are the results of digital non-freedoms – distress, despair, loss of income, poverty, starvation, imprisonment, death? Who are the captive subjects and dependant victims of state digitization? And finally, what are the possibilities to rethink, challenge, survive and resist the violence of digital citizenship?

To learn more about the school, and also how to join, click on the following link:

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