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Launch of 2nd Phase of the Open Government Project in Cameroon.

Charlie Martial Ngounou, President of AfroLeadership was invited this April 7, 2021 by the National Programme on Governance (PNG) to moderate this event, relating to the launch of the 2nd project of the Open Government Project to develop the roadmap for the government in Cameroon. The event was presided over by the representative of the Prime Minister in the person of Professor Pekassa Ndam.

The second phase of the Cameroon Open Government Project is the result of a partnership between Government of Cameroon and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and it is funded by the Agence Francaise de Développement.

In addition to public administrations, Parliament and local authorities, the “Open Government Working Group” led by the National Programme on Governance, includes various civil society organisations among which Adisi-Cameroon, Planoscam, Assoal, Cradec, and others.

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