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Partnership with Good of All to promote universal rights in Africa.

Today, on this the anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, we’re proud to announce a new educational partnership to help stem the rising tide of tribal and religious violence, which are amplified by disinformation campaigns, in many parts of Africa. AfroLeadership, a Pan-African civil society organization, will partner with Good of All to promote universal rights in Africa through the distribution of educational content on our Universal Rights Academy (www.universalrights.org) educational portal.
In his public statement, Charlie Martial Ngounou, the founder of AfroLeadership, said:
Teaching universal rights online to a digital generation is one of the best educational strategies for dealing with the reality of tribal, ethnic, religious, and political violence, stirred up by online hate speech and disinformation in Africa. So, we look forward to extensively using our network in African countries to help disseminate the free educational content of the Universal Rights Academy.
Highlights from Charlie Ngounou’s statement (2 min): https://universalrights.org/charlie-martial/
At a time when violent movements are using digital technologies to promote violence and atrocities against religious, ethnic, tribal, and political groups in many parts of Africa, we are honored to have AfroLeadership as our continental partner. The extensive Pan-African network developed by AfroLeadership affords a unique opportunity to reach regions and nations in Africa with educational content that is the best, sustainable antidote to outbreaks of such violence.
Launched last year with the support of ambassadors from allied nations on three continents, the Universal Rights Academy offers users free educational video courses that present the most critical human rights issues of our time in an engaging and understandable digital format.
Thank you for your friendship and partnership in our educational cause.
Matthew Daniels, J.D., Ph.D.

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